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Erasable Pens By Friction

Our ink same level quality as Pilot , tip ball from Swiss Premec. We succeeded ink in early 2012 after studied 3 years ,our stable quality at not become dry till 48 Celsius degree and come back on -16 Celsius degree.In past 10 years our brand become No.1 among all Chinese co.’s , stable quality is our principle from beginning , its our core.

Benchmarking against Germany Manufacture

In past 10 years we focus on quality raw material sourcing and technology engineers growing.
Our quality same level as Deli , some items better.


Back to school
By 30 years working hardly in school products , we have been growing together with Chinese stationery field from 0 till 100% quality same as famous branded stationery co.’s worldwide.
Our core spirit is quality benchmarking against famous branded quality like BIC , Stabilo , Faber-Castell , Pilot , Uni , Staedtler …… , our principle always being Quality , Quality and Quality , Innovation , Innovation and Innovation.We supply you quality better than or same as M & G’s.

Art Material

Since 1996 we are always concentrating on complying with safety regulations for painting material 、 traceability from cells of pigments’s manufacture.
Our quality team first job is always working on quality and safety , in china no one like us cost so much energy and time on safety and quality of this category.

Adult Craft & Kids Craft

Do-it –yourself products we started in 2005 , following new years trends and Safety / Quality is our main core work.You could see our amazing kids and adult products to let kids and students make the most beautiful creations.

And that’s not all we do…

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